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Overview of Classware Systems

Organizations are seeking more efficient ways to automate the collection, processing and reporting of information for registrations onsite or with a public web store.

Typical providers charge expensive “convenience fees ” that can easily cost the client organization tens of thousands of dollars each month. Classware v3 keeps the money at home.

Features Include:

There are few, if any, registration scenarios that Classware cannot manage in a simple and cost-efficient manner.


Thank you for all your hard work... making Classware work so smoothly for us. We really appreciate your tech support and responsiveness in our times of need. The following is a heart-felt testimonial that you can use in your Classware marketing.

Classware is a quality registration software. The technical support is excellent: fast and knowledgable. They’ve even provided support before/after business hours and on weekends. The Classware development team is responsive to our school’s needs, including needed functions in software updates. The Classware staff know the value of our data. After using Classware for two years, I am 100% confident that our data is safe and our transactions are accurate.