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Innovative Technology for the Business of Education

Overview of Classware Systems

Organizations are seeking more efficient ways to automate the collection, processing and reporting of information for registrations onsite or with a public web store.

Typical providers charge expensive “convenience fees ” that can easily cost the client organization tens of thousands of dollars each month. Classware v3 keeps the money at home.

Features Include:

There are few, if any, registration scenarios that Classware cannot manage in a simple and cost-efficient manner.


I am delighted to have this opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for Classware. I have been very pleased with its performance. As a single site user, I have found it valuable to register students for classes, seminars, and preschool. I manage about 70 classes per semester and have found that it is very easy to produce attendance rosters, adminstrative reports, and sign in sheets. I am continually learning new features that are helpful. Classware’s periodic updates continue to enhance the system.

Being practically computer illiterate when I started, the best feature for me has been the easily accessible technical support staff. I cannot remember a time when they were not able to answer my question. If not instantly available, they have always called me back. I experienced training both over the phone and in person, and it has always been easy to follow.